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Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Are The Iron Team!!!!!

Well well , before i blog about my India trip , i suddenly remembered that there was a nice day trio happen earlier where i think i should keep this in my memory. It was the day where the rangers (us) were the iron man/ iron lady!!!!

Here was the plan: broga hilll-breakfast-temple visit - water falls- picnic- dinner at look out point


So i woke up freaking early at 3.30am , with the pretty lot yeee drove to UKM to meet up with the guys who are still soundly sleeping in the studio in UKM. When everyone is ready , we headed to Broga Hill and reached about 5 in the morning.

climbing up...

too bad didnt take any picture when we were heading up , as it was too dark and everyone was concentrating on watching their step.

and we are up on the hill!!!

with the guys, the architects and the engineers and the designer

view up the hill

resting my sexy legs

ang the legs get sexier with the companion.

the awesome Lot Yee

the malaysia team group picture

the girls

check on self picture.

singapore engineer vs malaysia geli architect

trying hide behind the grass to look slimmer but phailed.

salak selatan representatives.

got upuset when the guy had the bigger boobies than i do. T.T

imagining himself was wearing bikini, having sun bath.

tried to have artistic picture but phailed.

After done with the photo shooting , we went down and continue with our plan!! temple visit. is a old temple that built during japan conquered our nation. They said the 'god ''from this temple acted to be a japan general and help the villagers.but anyway, pictures were the important thing here. not the history

and we saw this while climbing up the temple. 12 chinese zodiac statue. everyone trying to snap pic their own year representative.

the rabbit

the rat

the moo

tiger n tigress

O yeah . this place has a scary bridge too . where it was clearly written no more than 50 person were allowed to be on the bridge at the same time . Underneath the bridge was all the bushes ad tress just like what you saw when u were on the genting skyway. And it swang when someone from the opposite side is walking back to the temple . ZOMG !!! :O scary like hell!!! but still , not forget to take picture.FOL.

the swing bridge

Checked the temple and we were heading our way to sungai gabai for the water fall!!!!and here came the lazy couple to join us for the water fall as they lazy to wake up early.
get the food prepare once we reach. the girls did the job and the guy already in the water.

peeling off the egg's shelf t make sandwiches

good house wife to be

chill water!!!

everyone is shivering actually and saw the bread? actually it was given by the ' neighbour'and said : "u all can finish one'' =.=

the soon becoming architect and I.

Done with the picnic and chilling water, we went to look up point straight for dinner.

still sempat to c the sun set when we reach . too bad the sun set picture wasnt as nice as expected so we skip it here k.

i believe everyone should have came here b4. so no point to show u the food picture and we also didnt take any picture tho.

so we straight to the bill calculation. As usual , i m the finance manager for the a nene mathematics.

last but not least! this is a must do thing ! climed up to the tower and snapped a picture with the awesome view.

p/s: everyone turn to be AVATAR after the whole day superb tired trip . you see me?


That's all for this!!! kthxbai!