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Friday, August 27, 2010

woohoo!!!! comee bb me!!!! xoxo

Hello there.... ! I m back again!! This time I wanna tel u what I had up to recently.if you know me, I m now havin fun with my new toy!!! is my new bb bold 2! So tthis is my 1st entry by my bb.thus it might be shorter than usuall.the botton is small can?thank you digi for having a huge promotion on this bb now I only need to pay 1.2k to get this n with the top up of 500 I can free usage for one year!!!!so now basically I don't even need the computer unless I m doing auto cad o sketch up.I can check mail evevery single min.msn n the best!!! Bbm!! Chatting through bbm is awesome!!!! N now I m addicted until I don't really talk to my frens when know u guys r frustrating v wat to do, new toy ma. After one week then I won't like tat anymore I promise. :) so yday night was my 1st night habgibg out with bb. N some pics had taken!!!bt I haven figure out how to upload pic by bb through blogspot.gve me sometime to explore 1st ys. So wat ya waiting for? Grab a bb while stock last and add me in bb! Here's my pin. 22621AE5!!! XOXO :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Today resolution

Bet you dont know , last week i have addicted back to something that i have been dumped it for a long time. i picked up myself with the hitz fm , the english series, gossip gal , (ya, i know i am bit slow for tat). I dont know , it might sounds a bit silly for u . i really have the feeling . this is me. this is what i usually do everyday since i was in primary. or mayb u feel disgusting on me because i was pretending ang mo or something . but hey , cant help k . i like whites and i feel better doing this in stead of listening ah mei o watching tvb series. just like feeling reborn . Do u really get what i mean ? i found myself. whatever la if u dont understand.

and also today i found out tat, the ADAM C that i fancy a lot rupa-rupanya have a gf!!! ow... heart broken . very true that my uncle ask me not to keep dreaming all this people tat i couldnt reach. but i really turn down my requirement from becks, to leo, to jai macron and now adam c, cant u c how much decrease of it is it? he is in malaysia!!!(but actually utt is nice too if u know who is he, yummy~) but forget it , there are guy i think handsome. not that i will marry them .( okay , stop saying me is lesbian at my back , i warn ya :P)

ow, seems i am a little bit out of my topic. just wanna say after knowing adam c has a gf then i should have some postmortem bout myself.

1) stil i think i mz have faith . to believe what i believe but it will be an option . means, i stil believe white is the best for me, but i might trust chinese or malaysian could be good too . so i am not turning down any date next time if i am really feel like going .

2) be myself. I use to wonder, do i need to act a barbie doll and friendly like every one does to attract guys ?? giving out the sweetest smile like britney spears ( when she was still innocent) in stead of giving the roll eyes to the guys like i always do . I know i cant get any guy if i keep doing this. Not self-praising , but i think i am 'too characterictics'. *roll eyes* . too harsh to handle. n too wild to be a tame gal . well that;s me . want or dont want accept it lo . Or mayb i could pretend a princess a day , to c how things going. i scare i will slap myself infront of the mirror.

3) no foul words. urgh.. this is the hardest part. i am sorry i m not a doll. i m not wearing pretty dress and sitting there enjoying the tea. i am harsh. if i cant used foul words then i am sure my middle finger is my accompany . cant help la. it sounds like i am giving myself excuses to act in tat way and it know is wrong. the feeling is just like making up with ur bf at upstair while ur parents are watching tv at the living . you are scared n u know is wrong but u cant help it . :)

4) be hot. hot gals mz have hot body . lok at megan fox. she makes every guy become wolfs. how i wish i could be like that . be a girl tat every boys would push me to the bed. bt i am wayyy to far from that. overweight is the biggest problem . and this is thing that i really wanna change . i wanna slim down real bad. i wanna trying hard k . my sis said i deserve a big meal at tenji , happy hour a party everything the whole night. i know i can make it.. sooner o later , u wil c me as hot as megan fox too. praying hard!!

5) be smart i know i have been not smart enough all there day until i actually get bullied by jerks and get myself hurt. jerks is every where. and i dont know y i was always blind, cant c thing clear. not tat because is 7th month ~ i just stupid. yes i know . so know i am gonig to be smart. smart as in life i mean. i alwaya think guys who r smart is adorable. not those nerd who score straight in the test mind u . i dont need a nerd. a nerd didnt need me either. i am too hard for them to handle. i bet my foul words terrify them .i dont know, it always makes people feel charming . DOnt u feel so? so be smart. and dont ever chasing a guy from the back . i dont mean myself k . i mean all the gals. Show up our girl power!! i know i can do tat . everyone can! but in case u think being stupid innocent girl is more attractive and adorable then go ahead k . just do whatever u want!!!

ok here the things i can just think by now. cant really thinking straight now. my heart is already with Adam Sandler tonight ! at sunway pyramid!!. n meeting my BFF .ciao! o ya right b4 i go , show u some of the picture :

my becks as everyone knows :) (pics: google)

leo from amsterdam

jai macron the jerk.

Adam C the hot guy who is taken :( ok la, i like him as idol la. hmm, i do like him :P (pics: google)

ps: some pictures were being censored since they are not supposed being critic by the public. dont sue me , especially u jai , i know u are lawyer. keep my finger cross X.X

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Phua Chu Kang-the best in S’pore, JB ,some say Batam n now in Pavillion-by Nippon Paint

Credit to the NIPPON Paint supplier who gave us 5 tickets to this PCK premier at Pavillion!!! Yesterday was the day we were invited for this grand première with Phua Chu Kang , Irene Ang , and the Henry Thia. I bet everyone watch PCK b4 on the TV. Actually this show had been accompanying us for 13 years and now this is the time to switch it to the big screen!! Actually I am not a big fan of PCK la. But I remember I used to watch it before my house have Astro.

SO we not just that we have this free show but we also have the chance to take picture with the Gurmit Sigh and also Irene Ang. And also henry la. But actually can’t really see him. But I tell u, the Gurmit Sigh is actually handsome!!! Swear to god. The mole and wig ruins him la. He looks FAB in suit! And so do the Irene, with the scary make up and wig, she is so pretty. Even her self said that she did the plastic surgery in half day. Pity her la actually. More n more, serena c and Royce from my fm were the host. This is my first time to serena C too… pretty. I liker her. She is my second fav of my list after adam c of course. Lol. Short interview had been done during the photo session. I can c both of the host working hard to make the place happening la. But u know the Malaysia audience la, always kiam siap with the applause as usual la. Bt overall serena c did a good job. But Royce .. sth is lacking la… need to brush up la.. bt I can c Royce in real is good looking bt too obvious that he is a PLU . wasted!

pretty irenen ang.


fav serena C and the royce

So back to the story of PCK. Myself, frankly I like the series more lo. The movie is a little hard to laugh. I felt like tat is so hard to make the joke. Some jokes were ok, some were lousy. And I know tat Nippon is the main sponsor but too hard sell!! They are like really too commercial! kept saying odorless paint la , any colour u want la. This n that. Too obvious Nippon pay for this. Other than tat is ok. Stil very like PCK n rosy.. LOL. I heard the movie wil be on the big screen next week. So if u has spare money u can catch it up in the cinema too! Just treat it as a comedy to relax lo. Really relaxing can!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laugh as loud as you want~~~ but not in front of me .988 matching lunch

full house, giza mall ota damansara

OK. i admit i actually did something stupid and make myself soooo embarrassed . . trust me , i really took a lot of guts to write this. that is why there are few months of delay.

Since i start working , i stucked at my table from 9-7pm everyday.So now i have a habit to stream and listen to the 988 fm. If u were one of the 988 fans, u should know that few months before there was a matching lunch had been held at the full house giza mall , kota damansara.

To take part in this speed dating lunch , what we have to do is sent in our detail n they will only pick 10 gals n 10 guys out of all the participants!!! See, i am really very lucky dont u think so??? and due to i really single for such a long time so i decided to go and try my luck. I am chicken , so still i need some companion on this. thanks my bro heng to wait me stupidly the whole day there n become my photographer.
for those who are selected who u have to prepare is :
- get there earlier
- buy a small gift for your partner
- dress up

so since everything is ready! just go! credit to my bro that accompany me for the lunch. X.X so first thing to be there is make up . There are a few make up artist will help u to make over. but frankly , the make up so too thick lo. i really dont look like who am i after the mae up . it is really ' make over'. =.=

after everything is ready, time for the matching lunch! all o f them are proffesional and gorgeous! they are animation designer, design arch itect( me!) , manager, sales malnager and also the CEO !!! ( as i heard, he is the most mouth watering guy!! well, money minded. wtf)

1St round, every couple have 5 min to talk to each other. after 5 min then the guy has to change to next table and talked to the next gal . So every gal have to chat with every single guy!. and after that , we have to start voting which guy o gal u are really into , if u r match then great! you dont have to change your seat again, you can sit with the match ed the other sex. but too bad this doesnt happen to me . i was sitting with different guy for the 3 rounds.

besides, we were playing small games too! guys were asked to take some food to the ladies and we will observe how caring are they and how they will serve the are some pictures.....

those succesul matched up pairs

'feeding games' after the guy serve the food on the table


the crowd

he was my partner tat day who we exchanged the gift n contact number


overalll, i did enjoy myself and the free lunch . And u r asking did i get my mr. right there? lol, too bad . but i did make some friends there. :) ya la yala , i am still single now , happy? :P

Last but not least, the fulamak heavy make up.


Friday, August 13, 2010

GO lick yourself la ~~~

Dont be surprise with the title of this entry . And yeah this particular entry is basically all about licking.

This actually happened like months ago but i just dont even have the to sit down n write bout this. I bet everyone knows what is Baskin Robbin. A lot of ppl especially gals are crazy about it . Eventually the guys do too during the 31th of every month. Ya right, Baskin Robbin is SO CALLED nice ice cream in town compare with those walls , drumsticks, mat kool and stuff. I have to admit it is nice la . That is y we went for BAskin Rabbin last time when we were in genting.

Here's the story. and family had spent ashort holiday in Genting during a weekend. me n my sis and friends went to have a break at the BAsbin Robbin at the Forst world genting. we went to get a seat while one of my friend went to queue to choose the ice cream .

Everything is just normal huh. but wait shits happen. When my friend came back , her face was all black. i was surprised and asked for the reason. And then only i realise that my friend had getting the worst service we ever had . At first, she asked for the price, this stuff who named, 'roppy'. He answered liked we already owed him money even we had not buy anything yet. After that this time we really pay k , but he received the money like he was unsatisfied with me . he threw the money into the cashier machine, really wtf!!! how could this type of ppl can get a job?? i really wonder.

The best part is , when she asked for tissues as the ice cream drop on her hand ,he asked my friend to lick it off. Walau eh ,.... LICK IT OFF!!! Mother *ucker , i really beh tahan when i heard that . if i were the friend who were queuing up , i will boiled and asked him to come out n say , u come out now then i wil lick your *ick! *ucker! How could this on earth could happen??? i reallly dont understand..!!!!! should i use to word it 'impressed' me??!!! and i try to email the customer support right in front if the outlet and escalate. And i dont even get any respond !!! *uck u Baskin Robbin . From that day on i already boycott Baskin RObbin unless u treat me la . Let those dummy continue queuing up like an idiot during every 31th of the months. cause u all idiot never taste the best ice cream in the world. Go italy , try the gelato , n u wil know what is the ice cream meant to u .

this is roppy