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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My forever favourite~

If you know me well enough, you should know that i am a typical extra typical chilies-lover. Actually is a terrible 1. I cant really live without the chilies in my every single food. Everything also tambah pedas (extra hot) . So here;s i went again to the my new favorite food stall, the cong qing chicken pot aka cock pot.



and me

Every time whenever i felt like eating there i have to beg my friends to go with me as most of them not really into this super hot dish.and this time i am glad my buddy bin n lin were willing to entertain me there.

the cock pot

Basically this food is originally from Shanghai so called branches in Malaysia. Choices are not much , cock ,beef,pork rib , sea food in clay pot. Flavor: super hot, medium hot n mild hot. OF course i will choose super hot !!! n is really hot!!! very nice. But prices are bout 20 bucks per person . Usually people will get the extra food from the fridge. one small bucket cost 3 bucks. expensive huh. but is worth!! Trust me , if u like hot stuff then u should come here!!!

extra pay food that you can get from the fridge

And there is 1 really ridiculous thing that i cant really stand .If u order a pot of Chinese tea, for sure u get the ice too as you are taking hot stuff man , but mind u every single bucket ice tat u ask them to refill , They CHARGE you!!!! 60 cent per bowl!!! but no choice la , plenty of cold drink is needed when u are having superb spicy food!!

Anyway, i am willing to pay more for superb nice food! Mz a try if u really have the chance!

Monday, July 19, 2010

17. july . 2010

Dear you,

It;s your day . i know u doing superb good there. It is a really bad day for me i suppose. But actually i was not that depress like what i was expected. How were you doing there? I know you must be very happy . Blast celebration propoerly happened over there. But please make sure do not lost your virginity k. save the best to the last. :)

i thought i would cry , but i didnt
i thought i would miss u , but i didnt either
i thought i love u , but i do not.

Anyway, precious what u are having now, i would be happy for you for sure. Stay healtier and happy , I will miss u forever. Love you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



more days to go…

and i am scared.