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Saturday, October 23, 2010

my boring life.....

actually this blog was written on my bb wordpress application but i dunno y the fucking coverage that even post my post!!!!! so now, i am looking at my bb and try to copy it out all over again. =.=

the clock on the wall seems never move. the show on the tv keep repeating the same thing . i jz lie and sit at home without doing anything!!!!!!!! i ma sooooooooo bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So lifeless and unproductive can!!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( boggest sad face in the world. but ask me to be a patient now?? :s

my current mood.....

am home alone n making me soooooo emo... let;s share some emo song here........

Saturday, October 9, 2010

To the Shang hai i go ~ part 2

After a tiring night walking at the bund , seeing the night view that i have seen b4 ,is actually kinda bored.

the 2nd day was actually the main point of the whole trip!!!! get up early in the morning, get everything prepared. sun block , sun glasses, umbrella, water. Everything is ready!!!
when the bus passed by the bridge seeing the pu dong puxi (where the expo is located) what i can see is the people is like ants!! numerous of buses!!! i knew is gonna be a very hard time for wt to do , die die have to go in lo.....
after a long time here's wt i c at the entrance....

this is the queue..

actually the 1st day we didnt really get in to the pavilion, we spent most of the time walkin around the expo. ..
and the pavilion that we actually visited were, spain ,england, holland, etc etc
let the pictures told you the story...

the senka discussing with zone should we visit 1st.

walking around at the expo.


the fur ball

spotted a nice pondok at the road side

went to the denmark pavilion





germany that i hate currently

i actually there r still a lot of pavilion that i saw , like the asia pavilion ( china, korea, japan, malaysia ,spore n etc) but too many pic la, n i am sooooo lazy to update. so if u all really interested tel me ,then only i think wanna upload o not... lol..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

To the Shang hai i go ~ part 1

I know i has been soooooo lazy all this day that i had abandoned my this lovely blog.But well, now i found something more interesting in my life that i think i should spent time on in so that there would not be any regret for me until the day i die.

alright back to story , for those who are in architecture field , i think shanghai has become a quite tempting place for to go since the expo is there!!! I dont know when was the last expo , but hell , the next expo is in Milan can!!!! who the heck has the much of money to go????!!! Obviously they are some out there, but i know is not gonna be me!!! i am jz a poor office gal in a very small office.. :(((((((((((((( ( if i think u wanna sponsor me , i think u can start savin money o ask me to do ads for u la , wahaha :P)

So back to the story , actually this trip is like almost fully sponsor by my company . So call company trip la) so plz stop saying that i am fucking rich to fucking here n there.Most of the trip got sponsor 1. i m poor . *sob son* ). Everything was booked since a few months after i join the company . So wait wat , just go la!!

time flies, it is already september .pack everything and ready to fly!! MAS airlines at the very early of the morning, heading to pu dong, shang hai. ding ding dong dong, actually when we reached china is about 2 something. when we really reach at the hotel is d evening!! stomach empty except the set lunch on the plane. So the first activity is food hunting. Luckily ., boss is here!!! so food is free!! woohoo!!!

here;s the restaurant.. entrance like a mirror that very confusing.

food is superb cheap! 5 star restaurant for 12 person bout 15 dish is only 200 ringgit!!! but is not that delicious la... (doesn't suit malaysian appetite)

after dinner ,boss INSIST wanna go to the bund. even without the travel bus, stil take bus oso wanna go. Initially was taking train but the train station was closed even it is only 8o clock!!! nevermind, try to take bus, waited for a long time only get the right bus and only realised that we dont have small change!!!!!! 2 remenbin for each. no small change u are refused to board in. how?? waited for bout 30 min then now turn to get taxi. we seperested to 3 cabs.waited n waited.... only 1 hour then finally i get a cab =.=

waiting for the cab+bus....
bus flew through...

here;s d view of the big bund.....

More entry coming about the shanghai expo!!! stay tuned...