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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What Have I Done in 2015 and 2016 Resolution

                I know it has been a while I didn’t update my blog and guess what I think I should try to pick my pen again (in this case to hit my keyboard more) to try to document more about my life so that I can know what is happening  in my life.

                Towards the end of year 2014, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend aka ABV (Australian Borned Vietnamese) who finally had enough of me. Yes, I was being dumped. I was devastated that time .Things get worse on the early of 2015 as my dad’s cancer got worse.

                So yeah, a pretty bitter year end of 2014 and pretty sure wasn’t a too good 2015. Blame myself for being lazy as I couldn’t remember most of the incident happen on 2015 by not recording down piece by piece. Let me try to summaries it by looking back to my Instagram and Facebook picture.

moi familia

       see, my ba still look well that time. and so am i . not skinny but at least slimmer than now.

        then my cute little angel came to my life on march 15. i named her as elle, which means 'she' in french.ya , i ve taken french lesson in the year end of 2014. dropped after 2 grade as it was too fucking hard to learn. i blame myself not loving french more enough until i decided to stop my lesson . anyway , that doesnt matter. come , let me know you how cute is my cutie pie.

                        This is how she looks like in the 1st weeks she came to my house.

         haven got its vaccine done yet , so i did not shower and brought her for grooming until she is 4 months old.

   her size on my birthday.

  she is one year old now on the 21st of december! but still a puppy for me. still cute and naughty!

         i has also joined gym , signed up for personal trainer with my partner in crime. didnt lose any weight but body is firmer and smaller in size. too bad it didnt last long after i stop the membership as i no longer working at the particular area

                  Partner in crime and me.

      been to dive twice on 2015. once was in tioman on mid of may , another one was last week which is 27th dec to 31st dec 2015 in sipadan.

tioman on may 2015.

Kampung Salang, Pulau Tioman

    Sipadan December 2015

                                     my big face in sipadan

met a cute guy in sipadan. sorry for the papparazi out there , we were just friends .i dont mind to have more though. * cough cough* lol.

i have also left my ex company which i had serviced for 5 years. From a little girl who know nothing to someone who can work alone most of the time . Not saying that i am very good, but i am better that when i was 22 years old. 

    from this, 

to this.

better pay , better opportunity , better path. i cant find a reason why i need to say no to the offer. In the ex company ,i almost am the oldest staff among all. while came here, everyone is married with kids. i become the youngest . Looked fresh and i have plenty of thing to learn. 

Other than all the happy things that happy things happy throughout the year , there was one most heart broken incident in my life. Yup , my dad left us. It was happened on july 2nd 2015. i can still remember the last time i looked him , the very last time he took his last breath and he never moved again. That was a really surreal night in fact the days after that night is very surreal too. That was the 1st time we had funeral happened in our family . there was the 1st time i pray. i never see my mom cried like that before. she was still rushing to the bakery shop before she came to the hospital because she knows my dad will prefer to have some breads instead of the plain corgee that served by the hospital.  she did not know my dad was not here anymore when she was buying the bread . :(
It was sad but it made the remaining family member's bonding become even stronger. and we care and listen to my mom more. everything gets back to normal after the funeral. it looks like everything is still the good old times. for me , i always dont feel like my dad is leaving us. He is still back in my home town working with my mom just like how it was before the incident. he never leaves us. I will only realise that he is gone whenever we have family outing/ family trip. 

                   i took this picture during my graduation on year 2010. my aba didnt study much so he were like jokingly saying this is the 1st and last time he can wear it in his life

                   me and my dad somewhere when he was diagnosed to have cancer

                                     my dad almost near the end of his life

  So ya, theres the sad story happen in my family . On the other hand, something good had happen. my elder sister got married!

 some people said that we are twins! fine,  i accept that both are also pretty :D

i think thats about it for the year of 2015.Now i wanna set for my 2016 resolution. if you hardworking enough to scroll down and have a look at my new year resolution then u can know how lazy i am!  :D

1. To be more healthier . eat cleaner . work out more .slimming down is a bonus. 

2. travel more. i cannot believe that i only travel twice in year 2015 and both are diving. so this year ,  i hope i am able to go russia, bangkok and tenggol.

3. learn as much as possible in this new job in order to have a better career path. like my boss said , my company is very well known in the market and everyone is watching. he said, somehow , my name had been talking and mentioning out there. If i can do this right, my life will be so much better afterwards

4. Get a husband material boy friend. more. i know is impossible to save more while at the same time i wanna travel more. Well, my pay slightly higher now. I wanna force myself to save 1.5k per month . In the end of the year that will be my fund to go russia. 

6. be a nicer person. be more patient to idiot. smile more and create a more hamony environment for everybody

      Do not wanna plan too much for thing which is impossible/ unlikely to be achieved. Lets work hard together and have a merry happy year 2016! 


Sunday, December 11, 2011


hello there. it is very late here i couldn't sleep. everyone in the house is sleeping soundly. my mind is full of work but i dont even bother to do something. nothing much i would like to say because my life is very boring. lifeless. how i wish i can really be a full time blogger n jz camwhore n write ads. but FTS i dont really like camwhore. n i dont purposely put on some make up jz to take picture.

i know life is hard and miserable. but i dont think we have a choice . take it o leave it. but anyway, all this crap that i am typing is not actually what i wanna say. i m not purposely come here to tel you how sucks my life is. maybe i got a little bit too emotional coz of this song that i heard like 5 min ago. really wanna share with u guys, n wonder, how many of you really feel the same when i heard this song? this is desperately a sad song for me. but i think maybe most you u guys think this is sweet. Anyway, ENJOY!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the day i met LOVE.

Had been telling the world that i found my true love in my life when i was in india . and now let him who tel you who actually he is.

He said:


i knew him for 5 years. but earlier i only knew that he is a master. a master who started to built in grid system to speed up the whole progress of construction.

the intimate him

people try to drew his concept

self portrait

this is him . Le corbusier, the master of post MOD

If you know this master , i bet u would know chandigrah as well. For me , Chandigrah should named as the city of le corbusier. Without him , chandigrah is nothing. he was the one who do the town planning for the entire city .where the whole peace of land was divided to sections. Every section has their own religion building , market and stuff. Basically people do not need to go for another section to get their living .India is a crowded place where fulls of poverty. Staying in a well planned , neat and clean town .To have every thing people in their walking distance can reduce the jam in that area.

other than giving them a beautiful city , le corb had also gave them some nice might think this look familiar as we always see this in the mag.

looks familiar?

the high court

using steel rail at the end of the 'railing 'to allow ventilation

secretariat building

malaysian hibiscus met the india hibiscus on the le corb secretariat nuilding roof top

the open hand

zi ding dong zuo

we did went to this place as well:

this is wher we get to know him more . and more pictures and history were shown.

le corb hand sketch!!!!!


and they stil keep it there. i do have a pricture where i posed exactly the same. XD

this is the chandigrah architecture school:

natural lighting with the authentic manual drafting table

too bad it was rain , but thank god that we had the chance to the le corb awesome rain gutter that dont need a rain water down pipe.

didnt forget to promo TM althought it is sucks.

Anyway , there were many story how great le corb is which i cant really tell one by one. If you are in architecture, u should know how good he is . if you are know. please ignore this post.

forget to tell ya, he is a swiss. this is another prove to tell how great he is:

he is in the bank note. =.=

can you think how famous he is now????? there is only tunku abdul rahman on our bank note. do you think u can see kean young there?????

think of it.

ok . enought for promoting. kthxbye. XOXO

Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Are The Iron Team!!!!!

Well well , before i blog about my India trip , i suddenly remembered that there was a nice day trio happen earlier where i think i should keep this in my memory. It was the day where the rangers (us) were the iron man/ iron lady!!!!

Here was the plan: broga hilll-breakfast-temple visit - water falls- picnic- dinner at look out point


So i woke up freaking early at 3.30am , with the pretty lot yeee drove to UKM to meet up with the guys who are still soundly sleeping in the studio in UKM. When everyone is ready , we headed to Broga Hill and reached about 5 in the morning.

climbing up...

too bad didnt take any picture when we were heading up , as it was too dark and everyone was concentrating on watching their step.

and we are up on the hill!!!

with the guys, the architects and the engineers and the designer

view up the hill

resting my sexy legs

ang the legs get sexier with the companion.

the awesome Lot Yee

the malaysia team group picture

the girls

check on self picture.

singapore engineer vs malaysia geli architect

trying hide behind the grass to look slimmer but phailed.

salak selatan representatives.

got upuset when the guy had the bigger boobies than i do. T.T

imagining himself was wearing bikini, having sun bath.

tried to have artistic picture but phailed.

After done with the photo shooting , we went down and continue with our plan!! temple visit. is a old temple that built during japan conquered our nation. They said the 'god ''from this temple acted to be a japan general and help the villagers.but anyway, pictures were the important thing here. not the history

and we saw this while climbing up the temple. 12 chinese zodiac statue. everyone trying to snap pic their own year representative.

the rabbit

the rat

the moo

tiger n tigress

O yeah . this place has a scary bridge too . where it was clearly written no more than 50 person were allowed to be on the bridge at the same time . Underneath the bridge was all the bushes ad tress just like what you saw when u were on the genting skyway. And it swang when someone from the opposite side is walking back to the temple . ZOMG !!! :O scary like hell!!! but still , not forget to take picture.FOL.

the swing bridge

Checked the temple and we were heading our way to sungai gabai for the water fall!!!!and here came the lazy couple to join us for the water fall as they lazy to wake up early.
get the food prepare once we reach. the girls did the job and the guy already in the water.

peeling off the egg's shelf t make sandwiches

good house wife to be

chill water!!!

everyone is shivering actually and saw the bread? actually it was given by the ' neighbour'and said : "u all can finish one'' =.=

the soon becoming architect and I.

Done with the picnic and chilling water, we went to look up point straight for dinner.

still sempat to c the sun set when we reach . too bad the sun set picture wasnt as nice as expected so we skip it here k.

i believe everyone should have came here b4. so no point to show u the food picture and we also didnt take any picture tho.

so we straight to the bill calculation. As usual , i m the finance manager for the a nene mathematics.

last but not least! this is a must do thing ! climed up to the tower and snapped a picture with the awesome view.

p/s: everyone turn to be AVATAR after the whole day superb tired trip . you see me?


That's all for this!!! kthxbai!