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Sunday, December 11, 2011


hello there. it is very late here i couldn't sleep. everyone in the house is sleeping soundly. my mind is full of work but i dont even bother to do something. nothing much i would like to say because my life is very boring. lifeless. how i wish i can really be a full time blogger n jz camwhore n write ads. but FTS i dont really like camwhore. n i dont purposely put on some make up jz to take picture.

i know life is hard and miserable. but i dont think we have a choice . take it o leave it. but anyway, all this crap that i am typing is not actually what i wanna say. i m not purposely come here to tel you how sucks my life is. maybe i got a little bit too emotional coz of this song that i heard like 5 min ago. really wanna share with u guys, n wonder, how many of you really feel the same when i heard this song? this is desperately a sad song for me. but i think maybe most you u guys think this is sweet. Anyway, ENJOY!!!!!!