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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the day i met LOVE.

Had been telling the world that i found my true love in my life when i was in india . and now let him who tel you who actually he is.

He said:


i knew him for 5 years. but earlier i only knew that he is a master. a master who started to built in grid system to speed up the whole progress of construction.

the intimate him

people try to drew his concept

self portrait

this is him . Le corbusier, the master of post MOD

If you know this master , i bet u would know chandigrah as well. For me , Chandigrah should named as the city of le corbusier. Without him , chandigrah is nothing. he was the one who do the town planning for the entire city .where the whole peace of land was divided to sections. Every section has their own religion building , market and stuff. Basically people do not need to go for another section to get their living .India is a crowded place where fulls of poverty. Staying in a well planned , neat and clean town .To have every thing people in their walking distance can reduce the jam in that area.

other than giving them a beautiful city , le corb had also gave them some nice might think this look familiar as we always see this in the mag.

looks familiar?

the high court

using steel rail at the end of the 'railing 'to allow ventilation

secretariat building

malaysian hibiscus met the india hibiscus on the le corb secretariat nuilding roof top

the open hand

zi ding dong zuo

we did went to this place as well:

this is wher we get to know him more . and more pictures and history were shown.

le corb hand sketch!!!!!


and they stil keep it there. i do have a pricture where i posed exactly the same. XD

this is the chandigrah architecture school:

natural lighting with the authentic manual drafting table

too bad it was rain , but thank god that we had the chance to the le corb awesome rain gutter that dont need a rain water down pipe.

didnt forget to promo TM althought it is sucks.

Anyway , there were many story how great le corb is which i cant really tell one by one. If you are in architecture, u should know how good he is . if you are know. please ignore this post.

forget to tell ya, he is a swiss. this is another prove to tell how great he is:

he is in the bank note. =.=

can you think how famous he is now????? there is only tunku abdul rahman on our bank note. do you think u can see kean young there?????

think of it.

ok . enought for promoting. kthxbye. XOXO