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Saturday, October 9, 2010

To the Shang hai i go ~ part 2

After a tiring night walking at the bund , seeing the night view that i have seen b4 ,is actually kinda bored.

the 2nd day was actually the main point of the whole trip!!!! get up early in the morning, get everything prepared. sun block , sun glasses, umbrella, water. Everything is ready!!!
when the bus passed by the bridge seeing the pu dong puxi (where the expo is located) what i can see is the people is like ants!! numerous of buses!!! i knew is gonna be a very hard time for wt to do , die die have to go in lo.....
after a long time here's wt i c at the entrance....

this is the queue..

actually the 1st day we didnt really get in to the pavilion, we spent most of the time walkin around the expo. ..
and the pavilion that we actually visited were, spain ,england, holland, etc etc
let the pictures told you the story...

the senka discussing with zone should we visit 1st.

walking around at the expo.


the fur ball

spotted a nice pondok at the road side

went to the denmark pavilion





germany that i hate currently

i actually there r still a lot of pavilion that i saw , like the asia pavilion ( china, korea, japan, malaysia ,spore n etc) but too many pic la, n i am sooooo lazy to update. so if u all really interested tel me ,then only i think wanna upload o not... lol..

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