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Monday, July 5, 2010

How to make myself more hardworking to add up my entry

I has been so lazy to blog. *ucking lazy. Whenever I feel like writing there must be something happen and turn me down. Things that can make me blogging more often:

#1 Fixed the internet

Stupid TM net has cu my internet and never come n fix it. No internet no life.NO LIFE MEANS NO BLOG.

#2 Quit my job

#3 Quit my job

#4 Quit my job

Full time blogger has more time to do so. I cant concentrate to blog while I am thinking when can I finish the construction drawing. And imagine I work until 7 -8pm. I cant really work straight after finish working.

#5 All the *ucker died

My friend told me people born with curiosity. They wanna know what someone is doing even though it is NOYB. In mandarin we call it 8 dao c. But coz of this kind of people, only the blogger out there is earning .But sorry lo,that is really annoying . Plz all the fucker u all please die or stop barking at my place. My pets is allowed unless I give the exception. So please fuck off. You don’t like me then please do not click on my page. I DID NOT threaten you to click it by pointing your head with a gun. SO Fuck off. Without you I think I will blog even happier.And if you stil really dare to bark do leave your real name and talk to me on my face. Thank you .



  1. lol, girl cool down~~~

  2. calm enough . just wanna make sure they realize this is home of mine not their kennels.

  3. Hahah... isn't it good? you've got another post bcos of this kind of jerk...

  4. very true. bt i wont thanks him/her for that