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Monday, June 28, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Everyone has their own secret which we do not want any other person to know. If u are thinking your weight , your 1st crush o your pay is the top secret of the world then you totally WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine if you were alone on a street in the late night and you make a huge mistake that couldnt be forgiven in the rest of your life.. What i mean here is something might against the law like u accidentally killed a person by car . I bet this will stick in your mind forever until the day u have your last breathe and at the same time u do have the guts to tell police with what had u did.

So now what i am gonna tell u know is really my biggest secret of my life. I really hope that i can share with you all. Do you think that i will tell you that i killed someone on the road when i was driving???????? WAKE UP!!!! this is not a drama can . those thing hardly happen in the real life cn???

What am i going to tell the whole world bout my most valuable secret in my mind is the sleepless night i spent in studio during my uni school time. I was a archi student where staying up late or even dont sleep at the night and working hard for the following day submission is the time that i will never forget until the day i died. Me and the other fighter my coursemsate will always stay up late toegther at the studio .Although life is hard , bt stil i am happy that all of us were succesfully to complete our study and graduated together. ^^

working hard in the studio when i was 1st year

And graduate!!!!!!!!!

After sharing all this , there sth i really wanna inform you guys,

On this July of 15, there will be a nice action movie shown in the cinema.which is ............


Another great movie done by my favorite actor , Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, obviously i like him during his act in TITANIC. who don't . right? So stay tuned , spare your time on that particular Thursday and let's enjoy this movie together with the cruncy sweet popcorn and chilled coca-cola!!

See you guys there if we really have the fate to watch the same movie at the time and in the same cinema together. XOXO ^^



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