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Friday, July 9, 2010

Archidex+ Datum 2010

Glad that I just joined the Archidex and Datum last week. Who those who are not in my line, basically this is a exhibition and also a design forum that held by PAM (pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia) .It held every year where it will be an event that full of architect and their stuff and I am happy that I can participate for FREE!! Thanks Homun Architect. :) To make myself too taller and more professional I wore this all along the 2 days event.

always fulled the hall

me and my collegue, irene

This year Datum had invited quite a number of foreign country architects to give the local architects a little bit of inspiration in designing different projects.They are : Wee Hii Min (Malaysia) , Ko Shiou Hee ( Singapore) , Kim Herforth Nielsen (Denmark) , Alejandro Zaero-Polo (U.K), Sou Fujimoto (Japan) , Julien De Smedt (Belgium), Wiyoga Nurdiansyah & Muhammad Sagitha (Indonesia), Bjarne Masternbroek (Netherland) , Chris Chong Chsn Fui (Malaysia) , Duangrit Bunnag (Thailand) , Lucy Bullivant (UK), Charles Renfro (USA),total 12 speakers .
Well Frankly speaking, for me not all the speakers really inspired me . Some were just so so for me. Ya, I am still nothing in the Architecture field, I got no right to critic all these officially professional on board architect but still I have no own point of view too. ( trying to save my butt in case I being *uck after this entry being posted. )

Among all the speaker I like the Japan guy and the Belgium the most . Not that they are the most handsome but their projects were really amazed me . OK, the Belgium quite good looking for me can. But both of their projects really got something. For more information , please click on the link.

As I said , some of the speakers are really bored, and coz of this.. things like this happen…





So lecturers can’t really blame us and we fall asleep in the class. Even Architects did that!! LOL

Tea and lunch were served for this 2 days event. See the people who were enjoying the food….

The sai seet gal..

Archidex was actually an exhibition that giving a chance to the supplier to introduce their products to the public or another way of finding new customers. Me and my colleagues were lucky enough to meet the happy hour that held by Nippon paint. That is what I get .cute~

piggy bank from nippon paint.

people mountain people sea (lot of people) in Archidex

After walking around the exhibition my legs actually were half broken due to the super high heels. Imagine I walked to the station from my house and had LRT exchange at Masjid Jamek and walked all the way to the KLCC Convention Centre. Superb Suffering can??!!!

So ended up I back home like this….

Anyway, it was a nice talk. I believe a lot of them did learn from Datum. See you guys next year if there’s still sponsorship for me. Keep my finger cross. :)


  1. 10cm heels make me die wtf.. LOL.. how did you walk for such a distance?

  2. sai seet gal wa!!! hehehehe

  3. should follow my way...put a pair of slippers inside ur bag..hahaha!!!