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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There's a snake in my boot! ~ Toy Story 3

Although this is a little bit too late for me to write about this entry but stil i really need to tell the people out there how awesome is this Movie!!!!!!! I know there's a lot of you out there think that you are old or mature enough to watch a cartoon especially purposely spending bout 10 bucks for a silly cartoon . But actually u guys are totally wrong!!!! Ya, i have to admit that this is a cartoon. but actually is a cartoon for adult. There are so many scenes that actually an adult can understand more than a kid.

Everyone knows that this movie is the third installment in the Toy Story series. The film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. As usual every series of toy story is talking about the feeling as a toy that being forgotten by the owner . (As the TS1 woody was scared being replaced by Buss Light Year, TS2 Jessie was disappointed with all the kids owner as she believed they will forget them one them . ) And for this Toy Story 3 Andy is going to college and all the toys are accidentally donated to the sunny side day care. Being forgotten by the owner is the main thing while another important story plot of the story is how the toys trying to escape themselves from somewhere and back to Andy’s place and of course how to fight with the bad toy in the movie!

For Toy Story 3, I think it is more fun compare with TS1 n TS2 . This time they were trying to save themselves out from the sunny day care. The toy from andy were sent to the caterpillar class .while woody had accidentally took by bonnie. The worst thing is there a very bad toy in the sunny day care, Lotso that tried to control all the toy in the day care. And guess how they get to escape from there? Then u really have to watch this.

There are few funny scene in this movie

#1 Ken

The appearance of the ken, Barbie bf. He is a chicken to be frank just like the guys nowadays. Love to see himself in the mirror, love beautiful clothes and also think that he himself is the most handsome guy in the world!! But no doubt, he is the most handsome in the movie.

this is ken

#2 Frence Speaking BUzz Light Year

This time Buzz Light Year was speaking France!! Imagine he was dancing that Latin dance too by shaking his butt damn funny can.

#3 Mr. Potato head

Have u see the flat Mr. Potato head b4? lol... that one is really funny . And he become the Mr. cucumber too..

Besides of funny thing there's touching part too. It really show how a toy feel when the owner grown up. I was wondering what if my old toy really has feeling when abandoned them? Do they really feel pain too? Am I way too cruel for this? It reminds me that we really have to appreciate our old toy as they accompany us all the time when we were young.

I really love the last part of the movie where all of them were in the landfil . When everyone

The bad guy Lotso

thought that they will die, they are holding each other’s hand and I can see the tears in their eyes. This is what we call the true friendship. Sometimes is even more then friendship. That is the love of Family.

Overall, a nice movie that I would give 7/10.If you really miss the movie cinema .Go download it bt mind u this is against the law.



  1. I love ken.. OMGEEEEEEEE.. he's darn funny.. girl's toys.. LOL

  2. teddy bear is a bad guy?

    Don't have to feel sorry for abandon the toys. Because they are meant to be expendable

  3. ya la... lotso is bad 1 ma.. didnt u watch toy story??

  4. nvm. i wait till it appear at astro.

  5. i tot buss was speaking spanish??