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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When was the last time u hug me?

This entry is inspired by the movie Toy Story 3. I have watched the all three series before. Every time when I finish watching it, I feel pity to those little things that accompany me during my childhood time. Forget about the small little thing when I was 3 this time I wanna talk about is my little bottle. Hmm.. actually is a big bottle.

I am really sorry that I have been abandoned you for quite a long time. I had put you at the corner of the bed covered by the pillows. After watching that movie, I m sorry because I forget..

the time I hug u n u hug me back when I am sad.

You wiped off my tears when my heart was broken

U smiled at me when my face were wet by tears.

You looking at me with your silly face together with your big tummy

You always listened to me when I had thousand words to tell.

You had my tummy n eye brows but u never get my skin colour ( i always treat it as my son)


My friend told me that teddy bear is creepy . they will pinch the owner when they were asleep. If u really can move , can you talk to me tonight? I wanna tell you how much I appreciate u .

By the way, Can you walk to Bangi when I am sleeping and pinch or even punch them? Plz….. *muacks muacks* Love a~

the big head bottle

it has my eye brows.

Mama loves u~


  1. I miss him too! He reminds me the bruises all over my leg during first year. geeee.

  2. :). it was not done by me ok.

  3. i dint say it was you. hiaakkk

  4. only u n me in the room . unless my bottle really move lo..

  5. nice post my dear. love it! =)