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Monday, July 19, 2010

17. july . 2010

Dear you,

It;s your day . i know u doing superb good there. It is a really bad day for me i suppose. But actually i was not that depress like what i was expected. How were you doing there? I know you must be very happy . Blast celebration propoerly happened over there. But please make sure do not lost your virginity k. save the best to the last. :)

i thought i would cry , but i didnt
i thought i would miss u , but i didnt either
i thought i love u , but i do not.

Anyway, precious what u are having now, i would be happy for you for sure. Stay healtier and happy , I will miss u forever. Love you.


  1. it's definitely 2 different stories between the post and the pic.

  2. is the same my dear. jz tat u didnt figure it out

  3. finally u get the right answer.