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Monday, August 23, 2010

Today resolution

Bet you dont know , last week i have addicted back to something that i have been dumped it for a long time. i picked up myself with the hitz fm , the english series, gossip gal , (ya, i know i am bit slow for tat). I dont know , it might sounds a bit silly for u . i really have the feeling . this is me. this is what i usually do everyday since i was in primary. or mayb u feel disgusting on me because i was pretending ang mo or something . but hey , cant help k . i like whites and i feel better doing this in stead of listening ah mei o watching tvb series. just like feeling reborn . Do u really get what i mean ? i found myself. whatever la if u dont understand.

and also today i found out tat, the ADAM C that i fancy a lot rupa-rupanya have a gf!!! ow... heart broken . very true that my uncle ask me not to keep dreaming all this people tat i couldnt reach. but i really turn down my requirement from becks, to leo, to jai macron and now adam c, cant u c how much decrease of it is it? he is in malaysia!!!(but actually utt is nice too if u know who is he, yummy~) but forget it , there are guy i think handsome. not that i will marry them .( okay , stop saying me is lesbian at my back , i warn ya :P)

ow, seems i am a little bit out of my topic. just wanna say after knowing adam c has a gf then i should have some postmortem bout myself.

1) stil i think i mz have faith . to believe what i believe but it will be an option . means, i stil believe white is the best for me, but i might trust chinese or malaysian could be good too . so i am not turning down any date next time if i am really feel like going .

2) be myself. I use to wonder, do i need to act a barbie doll and friendly like every one does to attract guys ?? giving out the sweetest smile like britney spears ( when she was still innocent) in stead of giving the roll eyes to the guys like i always do . I know i cant get any guy if i keep doing this. Not self-praising , but i think i am 'too characterictics'. *roll eyes* . too harsh to handle. n too wild to be a tame gal . well that;s me . want or dont want accept it lo . Or mayb i could pretend a princess a day , to c how things going. i scare i will slap myself infront of the mirror.

3) no foul words. urgh.. this is the hardest part. i am sorry i m not a doll. i m not wearing pretty dress and sitting there enjoying the tea. i am harsh. if i cant used foul words then i am sure my middle finger is my accompany . cant help la. it sounds like i am giving myself excuses to act in tat way and it know is wrong. the feeling is just like making up with ur bf at upstair while ur parents are watching tv at the living . you are scared n u know is wrong but u cant help it . :)

4) be hot. hot gals mz have hot body . lok at megan fox. she makes every guy become wolfs. how i wish i could be like that . be a girl tat every boys would push me to the bed. bt i am wayyy to far from that. overweight is the biggest problem . and this is thing that i really wanna change . i wanna slim down real bad. i wanna trying hard k . my sis said i deserve a big meal at tenji , happy hour a party everything the whole night. i know i can make it.. sooner o later , u wil c me as hot as megan fox too. praying hard!!

5) be smart i know i have been not smart enough all there day until i actually get bullied by jerks and get myself hurt. jerks is every where. and i dont know y i was always blind, cant c thing clear. not tat because is 7th month ~ i just stupid. yes i know . so know i am gonig to be smart. smart as in life i mean. i alwaya think guys who r smart is adorable. not those nerd who score straight in the test mind u . i dont need a nerd. a nerd didnt need me either. i am too hard for them to handle. i bet my foul words terrify them .i dont know, it always makes people feel charming . DOnt u feel so? so be smart. and dont ever chasing a guy from the back . i dont mean myself k . i mean all the gals. Show up our girl power!! i know i can do tat . everyone can! but in case u think being stupid innocent girl is more attractive and adorable then go ahead k . just do whatever u want!!!

ok here the things i can just think by now. cant really thinking straight now. my heart is already with Adam Sandler tonight ! at sunway pyramid!!. n meeting my BFF .ciao! o ya right b4 i go , show u some of the picture :

my becks as everyone knows :) (pics: google)

leo from amsterdam

jai macron the jerk.

Adam C the hot guy who is taken :( ok la, i like him as idol la. hmm, i do like him :P (pics: google)

ps: some pictures were being censored since they are not supposed being critic by the public. dont sue me , especially u jai , i know u are lawyer. keep my finger cross X.X

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