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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Phua Chu Kang-the best in S’pore, JB ,some say Batam n now in Pavillion-by Nippon Paint

Credit to the NIPPON Paint supplier who gave us 5 tickets to this PCK premier at Pavillion!!! Yesterday was the day we were invited for this grand première with Phua Chu Kang , Irene Ang , and the Henry Thia. I bet everyone watch PCK b4 on the TV. Actually this show had been accompanying us for 13 years and now this is the time to switch it to the big screen!! Actually I am not a big fan of PCK la. But I remember I used to watch it before my house have Astro.

SO we not just that we have this free show but we also have the chance to take picture with the Gurmit Sigh and also Irene Ang. And also henry la. But actually can’t really see him. But I tell u, the Gurmit Sigh is actually handsome!!! Swear to god. The mole and wig ruins him la. He looks FAB in suit! And so do the Irene, with the scary make up and wig, she is so pretty. Even her self said that she did the plastic surgery in half day. Pity her la actually. More n more, serena c and Royce from my fm were the host. This is my first time to serena C too… pretty. I liker her. She is my second fav of my list after adam c of course. Lol. Short interview had been done during the photo session. I can c both of the host working hard to make the place happening la. But u know the Malaysia audience la, always kiam siap with the applause as usual la. Bt overall serena c did a good job. But Royce .. sth is lacking la… need to brush up la.. bt I can c Royce in real is good looking bt too obvious that he is a PLU . wasted!

pretty irenen ang.


fav serena C and the royce

So back to the story of PCK. Myself, frankly I like the series more lo. The movie is a little hard to laugh. I felt like tat is so hard to make the joke. Some jokes were ok, some were lousy. And I know tat Nippon is the main sponsor but too hard sell!! They are like really too commercial! kept saying odorless paint la , any colour u want la. This n that. Too obvious Nippon pay for this. Other than tat is ok. Stil very like PCK n rosy.. LOL. I heard the movie wil be on the big screen next week. So if u has spare money u can catch it up in the cinema too! Just treat it as a comedy to relax lo. Really relaxing can!

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