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Friday, August 13, 2010

GO lick yourself la ~~~

Dont be surprise with the title of this entry . And yeah this particular entry is basically all about licking.

This actually happened like months ago but i just dont even have the to sit down n write bout this. I bet everyone knows what is Baskin Robbin. A lot of ppl especially gals are crazy about it . Eventually the guys do too during the 31th of every month. Ya right, Baskin Robbin is SO CALLED nice ice cream in town compare with those walls , drumsticks, mat kool and stuff. I have to admit it is nice la . That is y we went for BAskin Rabbin last time when we were in genting.

Here's the story. and family had spent ashort holiday in Genting during a weekend. me n my sis and friends went to have a break at the BAsbin Robbin at the Forst world genting. we went to get a seat while one of my friend went to queue to choose the ice cream .

Everything is just normal huh. but wait shits happen. When my friend came back , her face was all black. i was surprised and asked for the reason. And then only i realise that my friend had getting the worst service we ever had . At first, she asked for the price, this stuff who named, 'roppy'. He answered liked we already owed him money even we had not buy anything yet. After that this time we really pay k , but he received the money like he was unsatisfied with me . he threw the money into the cashier machine, really wtf!!! how could this type of ppl can get a job?? i really wonder.

The best part is , when she asked for tissues as the ice cream drop on her hand ,he asked my friend to lick it off. Walau eh ,.... LICK IT OFF!!! Mother *ucker , i really beh tahan when i heard that . if i were the friend who were queuing up , i will boiled and asked him to come out n say , u come out now then i wil lick your *ick! *ucker! How could this on earth could happen??? i reallly dont understand..!!!!! should i use to word it 'impressed' me??!!! and i try to email the customer support right in front if the outlet and escalate. And i dont even get any respond !!! *uck u Baskin Robbin . From that day on i already boycott Baskin RObbin unless u treat me la . Let those dummy continue queuing up like an idiot during every 31th of the months. cause u all idiot never taste the best ice cream in the world. Go italy , try the gelato , n u wil know what is the ice cream meant to u .

this is roppy


  1. Bangla izzit? aiya. just one rotten apple only. it does not mean that every BR deserve to be painted with the same brush. just boycott the Genting one la.

  2. nah. he spoke perfect malay lo.. guess u r another baskin robbin big fans!the whole management also got problem la.