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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laugh as loud as you want~~~ but not in front of me .988 matching lunch

full house, giza mall ota damansara

OK. i admit i actually did something stupid and make myself soooo embarrassed . . trust me , i really took a lot of guts to write this. that is why there are few months of delay.

Since i start working , i stucked at my table from 9-7pm everyday.So now i have a habit to stream and listen to the 988 fm. If u were one of the 988 fans, u should know that few months before there was a matching lunch had been held at the full house giza mall , kota damansara.

To take part in this speed dating lunch , what we have to do is sent in our detail n they will only pick 10 gals n 10 guys out of all the participants!!! See, i am really very lucky dont u think so??? and due to i really single for such a long time so i decided to go and try my luck. I am chicken , so still i need some companion on this. thanks my bro heng to wait me stupidly the whole day there n become my photographer.
for those who are selected who u have to prepare is :
- get there earlier
- buy a small gift for your partner
- dress up

so since everything is ready! just go! credit to my bro that accompany me for the lunch. X.X so first thing to be there is make up . There are a few make up artist will help u to make over. but frankly , the make up so too thick lo. i really dont look like who am i after the mae up . it is really ' make over'. =.=

after everything is ready, time for the matching lunch! all o f them are proffesional and gorgeous! they are animation designer, design arch itect( me!) , manager, sales malnager and also the CEO !!! ( as i heard, he is the most mouth watering guy!! well, money minded. wtf)

1St round, every couple have 5 min to talk to each other. after 5 min then the guy has to change to next table and talked to the next gal . So every gal have to chat with every single guy!. and after that , we have to start voting which guy o gal u are really into , if u r match then great! you dont have to change your seat again, you can sit with the match ed the other sex. but too bad this doesnt happen to me . i was sitting with different guy for the 3 rounds.

besides, we were playing small games too! guys were asked to take some food to the ladies and we will observe how caring are they and how they will serve the are some pictures.....

those succesul matched up pairs

'feeding games' after the guy serve the food on the table


the crowd

he was my partner tat day who we exchanged the gift n contact number


overalll, i did enjoy myself and the free lunch . And u r asking did i get my mr. right there? lol, too bad . but i did make some friends there. :) ya la yala , i am still single now , happy? :P

Last but not least, the fulamak heavy make up.



  1. really thick make up man!!!! but, credits for your guts! hehehe!

  2. wah ........ u should tell me earlier ... hehe