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Thursday, September 9, 2010

tatto, the hidden italian restaurant near to KLCC

Hello everyone there!!! I know is been a while tat I didn't even touch my blog.well wt to do,I have been freaking busy with my life This time let me introduce u a very nice yet romantic place to actually have dinner with your favorite one.

Yday I had a spontaneous date after my n my new friend, ama had went to a very hidden home style italian restaurant. Is actually a bungalow converted to a restaurant at the dead end of a housing area oppiste of the KLCC behind the intermak kinda hard to get tat place actually.

Once I reach there, the malay waiter had guided me to park my car near in front of the garage of the bungalow.well the place stil look nth from the once we step in,omg... This place is really nice!! A bar with a wall-like rack of wine wa in front of me.all the lights are dim like everyone is having candle light dinner .n the important thing is almost all the guest are foreigners!the interior design is nice, where we can find couches near to the wall.also there's a mezzanine floor which too bad we didn't have a chance to walk up.

interior of the restaurant picture taken when i was sitting outside

Even though we like the design bt stil decided to sit tat outdoor. And the outdoor is nice too! Basically we were sitting at the garden.there are a specific place for them to do the pizza (sorry tat I don't know what is the name)

the garden of the restaurant

And bout the foods superb nice can!!! Ama had a house wine while I hard a pink guava juice. N we order 2 dishes where one was a pizza tat ama ate b4 there and the other one is gu#*#*velia (I forgot the italian even ama taught me hundreds times) tat was actually a pasta tat which look likes chinese dumpling in square. The skin of the 'dumpling' is pasta n inside is actually pumpkin n cooked with the creamy white sause.omg..I m nt a big fan of pasta bt I tel u n I swear tat was the nicest pasta tat I never ate !!too bad, we tak sempat take picture,the pasta is jz like the chips more u c , n now u don't!!!lol

the pizza

Well,enjoying the nice food n environment have to pay for it.the bill is actually quite expensive the price is expected la...n we have free firework to c somemore at the end as tat was the raya eve . :) o ya btw, happy raya to

my new friend, ama


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