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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I know it seems to be a little bit too late , but hey ! i am Chinese. Today is the 1st day of the chinese new year, so we should set some target for this fatabulous year!

Eventhough i set something to achieve every year but end up nothing turn up before. but trust me , this year , i wanna do something .Real one. So stay tune with my coming resolution and please try to advise/ remind me if i am doing somthing which is against with my hope.

1. ok , i know ppl always say that i had talk bout the same thing for the past 10 years. but for now , i really have my determination to try to work this out. i had promise to myself where by i wanna cut down 10 kg before the year of 2011!!! So far , 2 kg is gone . but well, now is CNY , i know there gonna be like at least 3 kgs more to gain . So right after the madnesss CNY , i will really to work things out. Keeping my finger cross. :p XD

2. Save more money , ya i know for others. it is a very easy thing . But due to my salary is superb low , and my expenses is like superb high , it is really very hard for me like saving 500 per month .500 is very little right???? I really dont know how can i do this . i hope in this year , at least i can save like 5000 . wtf , what a cheapo am i . people easily save up tonnes of money as they are like having 4-5k per month !!! i really trying my very best in this!!!!

3. Get some achievement in my carrier. i had been like floating in the air for the whole last year. As my plan had been screwed up until i dont know what should i do . Hopefully , this year i had choose the right path and i m gonna be work hard on my job n let my boss to c my effort on my job.

4. DO NOT be a workaholic. i know it sounds a bit crazy now. i love my job now. i feel so energetic now everyday wake up early in the morning and go to work . i am excited and happy to go to work and get a bit looking forward the coming of the Monday every weekend. crazy right? I LOVE WEEKDAYS MORE THAN WEEKEND NOW! FML. Even myself think that this is a bit over. Or maybe the reason why is i am being a bit too free during weekend and i am tend to make become unhappy by thinking something unnecessary and nonsense. Thus, i can still keep working hard in my job at the samething i can enjoy my life more!!!\

5. LIVE LIKE A GAL BUT LOVE LIKE A GUY. From my observation , i can see that guys can always fuck around and love a few gals at the same time . They hardly get sad or heart broke because of a gal . They can play a love game without putting themselves in a deep shit. I hope be like that too . Never ever to take a guy too serious until i hurt myself again and again . My friend told me , never love some one but just like them ... very very like them and there is enough . Try to love yourself more instead a guy than never taking you seriously. And live like girl , always pamper urself , buy something to urself. always treat urself the best as i know we deserve the best! Always remember , we are the only species ( woman) who will love u the most . Do not try to depend on someone to take care or love you . GIRL POWER!!!!


er..... cant think of anything now. FML . but most of the important had listed down!!! i hope i really can do this .o ya, and also last but not least, love my closest frens and family more other than loving myself.

Alright think that is all. wish u guys out there HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! may all ur dreams come true . So do mine!!!

since this entry looks so dull with all the wording, let me show u one of my latest look!!! sorry for didnt photo shop and add on my eye brow. :P




  1. happy bunny year ma darling =D must work with your resolution! LOL >.<

  2. number five is kinda bullshit ;-)

  3. but that's what u did.