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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Xmas!!!!

Woohoo!! Xmas is coming! Actually I had been in the Christmas mood since and of November. I forced my colleagues to switch on all the classic Xmas songs just to entertain me. I always like Christmas even though I am not Christian, and some of them will think Christmas is nothing because is already being commercialised. But I do enjoying the atmosphere and the songs always make me feel soooo warm. Last year, I already had a wonderful Christmas with snow, turkey, and a huge real Christmas tree. I thought I could have a wonderful pre Christmas celebration but the bastard refused too. L So no choice, i guess this year gonna be a typical Malaysian Christmas party.

By the way, i never receive any Christmas gift so far for 23 years. So if u r kinds enough can u please be my Santa Clause and fulfil some of my Christmas wishes here?


I wish I can have this!!

Have really bad skin nowadays I really need something to help me in reduce my pores from clogging. Well, this is the cheapest so far that I know, u can get me Estte lauder too!


i really dont mind with u give 1 whole set too :)

The miracle water.. SK II

Had already finished using mine long long time ago and didn’t buy a new one yet. O ya, for those ladies out there, this is really a must that u must own because it is really amazing to get ur skin moisture , firmed and good!


I need a GPS . L if you know me well, u should know that i have no sense of direction. I can hardly travel from one place to another without any guidance. Even though my baby BB has GPS inside bit it’s sucks ! it doesn’t speak and i have keep looking at the superb small screen .Imaging how dangerous is that. So please, GPS is really very important for me!


A new purse. My current Coach wristlet’s zip is a little bit rusty. i think it is time to change n get a new ! No preferable brand but nothing lower than Coach . :P ya i know, i am a cheapo. Who cares?!


nice boyfriend. I wish that I can have a cute guy who loves me and i can love him back. Someone who is not afraid of commitment, gentle, caring, and mature. It would be even better if he is good looking. Height is a very important issue. I never interested with any guy who are shorter than 180cm so far. But if you are really very good guy then we can try to compromise on this issue. LOL . so now, WTF i am open for tender now.FML.

someone who look like this would be good enough



this is what i have aim for few years. but too bad it is toooooooooo expensive for me to own it and only Santa Clause can help me on this . :(


I wish my family and friends will be happier with what are they having now and enjoy their life to the MAX. I wish my ama and aba will have an easier life since 3 of the children already grown up. All of ur dreams will come true.


I wish ... there are not gonna be any war in anywhere in the globe. War peace man. No fight , no hunger, and no bullies. Everyone has a shelter ,food, love, and happiness


Last but not least, i hope i can be more independent, more self-loving . and i hope that i can be with someone i love the most during this Christmas.

So , start from today, i will put a huggeeeee socks on my window. If happens santa clause or u pass by , please don’t be shy to drop me the present. If u do not know where is the window , u can ask me. LOL

XOXO merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

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