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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My own little Watson!!!!

Beleive it o not... this is all my stock that i used daily! of course , not every single bottle la. Since my parents back for Korea, my masks stock getting lot lot more...!!!! So now basicaaly i can do facial mask everyday!!

Well, i believe every gal has the same problems. Where we like to shop at Guardian ans Watsons just to check on the latest facial products . From cleanser, toner, moisturiser, essence, mask to sleeping pack . I bet none of us can resists it. That's y our stock at home will be gettin lot more and more. It's like, we must have few different cleanser where we needs, cleancing milk , gel , n form and also make up removal . Then we must have different cleanser where one of them must for whitening, hydration and anti aging (since i am getting older) . and this same goes to the toner , moisturiser and mask . true o not???

But since i am cheapo , the products that i am using now are all cheap thing . i am too poor to buy estee lauder , kose, etc etc. :( but better than nothing right. Girls ate always love to spent on this but some how we just 'dont have time' to use it . LOL

Any how, why my skin is still that bad now? :( mayb i should seriously start considering to sign up a facial treatment . :(( FML

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