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Friday, May 6, 2011

Asian Music Festival 2011!!!!!!

It was a damn hectic week last Saturday!!! Thanks to Jenkin Yat ans Daphne for the media vip ticket to this Asia Music Festival!!! Some of you might not know bout the marathon concert, so let me introduce you a little bit about this massive event.

Basically this concert is proudly presented by Tiger .The Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 brought alive a truly adrenaline-packed and unforgettable experience, as a ,massive crowd of 20,000 people took over The Mines Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) by storm in celebration of unique sounds from the East.

As it is a marathon concert, logically there are a few singers attended ( else the singer will die to sing alone for 10 hours =.=) So the remarkable line up of performers of Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 comprised of se7ev from Korea, Paul Wong, FAMA , 24 herbs and Sam Lee aka DJ Becareful from Hong Kong ; Tiger Huang m Jing Chang , Lollipop F, Derrick Ho, Kevin Lin from Taiwan , Bibi From China, Olivia Ong and A-Do from Singapore, The Bottom Blues and Namcha from Thailand as well as pur very own Suki, dayDream, Jess Leem Josh Lai , Will Ng, Manhand , Rosevelt and Hao Ren from Malaysia!!!!! It's almost like 20 singers!!!

this is how the entrance look like

So things started at 12pm where there was a autograph session at outdoor stage with Jing Chang , Lollipop F , Derrick Ho and Kevin Lin. ( small case, so we ignored this session.)

And then , i think this is the main thing that attarct those malay girls to buy the ticket and enjoy the concert! which was,,,,, < drum roll>

See the fans at the back???? Se7en is really FAB!!! and trust me u will agree with me after u c his performance!!!!!!

After that, the concert started!!!!! I dont wanna write so much , let's the pictures tell the story!

24 herbs

Olivia Ong

Olivia Ong was cool! her live was sooooo awesome!!

Suki From Malaysia

Suki feat. Hao ren (rapping)

Hot Nomcha




Sam Lee aka DJ Becareful

Paul Wong


and the fans!

Derrick HO and Lollipop F

Jing Chang and the Emcee from My Fm

Last but not least...

my little bf , Edison Chen

and also , the crowd who were enjoying the beer with the music during the concert!

Tiger girls

the crowd

So before we left , i cant missed the chance to take photo with my lovely little bf.

and my little biatch with my bf

and yat with his fav 24 herbs