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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Aloha~~~ is been a longgggg time, so u guys miss me? i purposely disappear for such a long time so that you guys will miss me . wtf . Actually i am too busy , like VERY busy.i don't even really have time to post comment in my FB . FML.

after the tiring work, i had sneak out from malaysia n had my holiday!!! woohoo! Actually it was planned a year before. but that time i was still working in my old office. I didnt even expect that i will join the new company! but my director is nice enough to let me go!!! Thanks Pei San , I love you. Please don't give me so many things to do. i will even love you more. ;)

OK, back to the story , since the flight tickets were bought 1 year earlier , so we booked the room like a month b4 we flew there. However, i was bad luck enough because Krabi was flooded!!! Damn, we started to scare that we might need to cancel our flight. T.T but after discussion with all of thr travel mate, we died died also wanna go! fuck it la , i don't care. (Actually in my heart i feel happy if i realy stuck in Krabi n cant come back , so that i don't need to work .LOL)

So die die we went there no matter the sky was collapsed or the Earth sink. And i knew it gonna be superb fun!! What actually we can do in Krabi?? Obviously it was about Sunny Sun Shine and beaches! bikinis and hot 'ghost'!!! hohoho.... so the 1st day when we arrived at the hotel , we had a good rest and heading to the beach the next day!

Walking nearby the hotel....

my hotel room


walking around

cute crocs

1st meal in Krabi

wondering y the hole on the roof were covered by using menu


street sculpture where people sitting down and chit chat

going back hotel with tut tut

shopping area of krab

Thai style pancake

chilling next to the beach

It happened that we went to 4 beaches in the same fay. There were Maya Beach , Monkey Bay, Bamboo Beach and phi phi tong island.

The next day we switch land mode. All are done on the land.....

waiting for elephant tracking

highest temple in krabi . but another temple is building on flat land as the temple on the hill is wayy toooo high!

Besides that , we also went for canoeing. At first we thought they willbe 2 of us on 1 canoe where one of them will be the thai guy who helped us in canoing . But mana tahu , we have to do it ourself!!! so terpaksalah la we have start doing this all by our own. Me another gal , daisy were in a team . Too bad this is the first time for both of us. So we ended up fell into the water!!!! wtf... no one happen that before!!!! imagine the river colour is like the teh c panas in the mamak ( coz it is too hot wtf) n we were like floating there waiting the thai tour guide get their speedboat and come n rescue us! Kesian or not.....and because of this... i can have this shit on me....

but anyway , i do enjoy the trip to the max. the only bad thing that happened on this trip was i didnt get any flirt lo... :( too dry , too dry!!!! lol...

so when is ur turn to let go all ur baggage and heading to Krabi??? . :) XOXO


  1. so u r looking for a flirt or what? :-P

  2. too bad i didnt get any. :|