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Saturday, May 28, 2011


People said, pictures fade. but memories will always be there forever. Sometimes m i quite doubt on this, our brain is small, there are so many things that we need to remember. Works, studies, phone number (erk?) and too many thing . So that is why people will start writing in down as diaries, record it down by movies or pictures as documentation. So how actually you wanna keep something in ur mind forever?

For me, the best thing to make me remember or think of something is always by my nose. What we smell , the scent can always tell us the story for giving us the big pictures of what the thing is all about . When i was little kid, i stayed in a small town. the usuall trip we had is going to genting highlands. So whenever our car was trying to crawl up the hill , we will off the aircond and rolled down the windows to feel the freah air. and this was the time i smelled genting!!!! you know , like the smell of the brake paddle of the car . although it should be the smell from the car from the opposite lane when they were getting down from the hill . but it just made thought that the smell we should have when we r going up to genting.

ok, There is what scent brings to me when i was small but now i grown up . There are other scents .Here is the things.

i know this sounds a little bit psycho but i always smell the cleanser at the drugstore. and it gives me lot of pictures. this id the best scent always give me the best memories at the moment. what bout yours?????

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