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Friday, November 12, 2010

DiGi always bring you unlimited music!!!

Wow!! Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me for this fun yet exciting DiGi iphone app DiGi Music Play!!! As i am totally new in this, this gonna be exciting day for me!! and glad that i got to chance to hang out with daphne and yatz for the very 1st time as a blogger!

Thank you DiGi for launching this event and also giving us an oppurnity to share this join together!ACtually the user get the biggest advantage from this . Now we only need to pay RM5 to subscribe this application and u can enjoy the unlimited download of music until your 16gb / 32gb of iphone 3gs/iphone 4 are freaking full until it burst! Not a iphone user? NO worry , ( i am bb user as well) application for android, windows 7 and BB is coming real soon!!!!!!!!!!! ( unless u r still using 3310 or 8250 please go away now, is nothing to do with you. =.=)

To attend this event , one must dress up as one of the famous singer. Those who has the best dress will win the brand new iphone 3gs!! but i shy la ....n inda rush after workin , so i jz be a 'small ka' there , enjoying other blogger to perform !

here comes the crowd,

concentrating when the boss is giving speech and info bout this new app

the cute big boss from DiGi, i likey ^.^

And as i said, the bloggers need to dress up to act as one of the singer .and here are the finalist. 2 lady gaga with elvis and marrison.

too bad i did not manage to record the video for the winner performance ! the black lady gaga!! Imagine she was dancing hot on the stage like ther real lady gaga by wearing the underwear-like hot pants and spreading her legs and crawling on the floow fwah. i bet the Dj dont even want to stop the music and samething goes to the guy everyone must be nise-bleeding.. LOL. and of course , the black lady gaga is the winner and she brought herself back an iphone 3gs!!. *jealous*

last but not least, the host, adam lambert, seriously i think he can win too if he is taking part in the competition . =.=

Did i tel ya that the event was held

in velvet, zouk? but is only until 10.oo pm. well..... since d there, so what are we waiting for?? might ju st continue party la... here is the party queen n i . ... O ya, as i didnt bring my own huge baby camera, all the pictures all copied from serge norguard and daphne. Hope that u guys wont mind. dont sue me!!!

here goes the hot gals...

xoxo :)