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Friday, November 19, 2010

It;s been a year!!!!

phew... jz within a clipping eyes period , is alreday 1 year away from my crazy trip on 18 oct 2009. this is what i had do on the 18 mac 2009.

without any saving, i insisted to go for this trip . Actually i was keep thinking to have back pack after y graduation but my coursemate is too coward to do so .But stil main point is about how eagerly and how much do u like to travel . evebthough i dont have money , but i willing to try and do it. And here comes the chance, a friend of mine told me that she was going to UK with her family to attend my her brother'c convocation. i knew i couldnot lat this precious chance to go away . i jz need a companion to get my family's mouth shut because i am too sure they wont allow me to go alone. ( believe me, i do dare to travel alone , but i dont want my family to worry about me). so eventhough i am going with my friend's family , but is jz 1-2 weeks of the whole trip , others it will be on our own.

Firstly , we booked the ticket , so that we wouldnot have the chance and will have semangat to earn the money for the trip . And then we start planning for the route . we knew we wil regretted if we just went to UK but not the europe. So, started from london , we went to conventry, edinburgh, bercelona, paris, amrsterdam , rotterdam , brussel, zurich, interlaken , rome, venice n back to london for the flight. Mind u , i was saving every single cent on my own for this trip! n that is why i am soooooooooo look down at those UTAR/KTAR student who eventually go to travel around Europe by using their parent's money while they further their study in UK . :P

While i am working hard to earn the money for the trip , a lot of people do not understand why do i need put myself in a deep shit and work so hard to get money for a trip? They think we have time to travel , why dont we work hard now , built up ur carrier and travel later . Well , i tell you now bunch of idiots outside now who are reading this, we only live once, we do not know when are we going to die. ( especially like me, might will just have operation soon , but i do not when ) we need to do all this when i stil have time . and ya , why do i need to save allll my money now so that i can buy a property ASAP before the price getting too high? u have ur own point , but life is not just working hard and save money and buy a car n buy a house n get marry n get a child n die. THat might be a boring life u wan but definately not i want. i trevel , but i do leave myself some saving, although not enough for me to buy a house, wtf but i bet i see more than u do , n my life is more interesting than urs. mind u , i didnt say we do not need to buy a house n saving n bla bla bla. but i do think thay are still something is more important to rush myself for all this. and please to all the idiots outside never think that u r freaking right when i am not following your stupid path . go to ur own way la , dont force me follow urs. fucker. i dont mean that i work hard now is for travelling ( bt last year it was) . bt now i am workin hard for my carrier too .gaining experience now is very important too for me . And for those who think i am sooo immature because i dont save money like u to buy a property now and i think u are even more immature than i do .

Argh.. lari topic, everytime get too piss off when i talk bout this . back to the story , so get enough of money , here i went for my trip . and it is way too much to tell and i hope the pictures can tell u the stories.

First stop, london

classic red bus and red telephone botth is everywhere at the at the street.

hyde park. althought is alrerady winter,but stil is glad that we can c the green grass woth the fallen dry leaves in the park . looking at the swans and seeing them feeded by the people in the park is awesomeee~~

1st museum i went when i reach london. ancient castle looked building with a big ice skating area n also a merrt go around at the round. isnt it nice?


stylo-milo hemmish which can onl found in edinburgh


the most romantic city which i always wanted to visit. although i dont really have budget to shopping at the 5th street. but enjoying the superb cute n romantic night view of this tower is already more than enough for everything .

of course, it wont romantic enough without a cute handsome by ur side.

forgot the name of the church , but is a famous 1. try to find where am i .


at the spain famous architect park :) i likey


huge wooden shoe from armsterdam

significant wind mill


vetican, is not uner rome actually :)

venice with snow...

n last but not least , meeting some new frens too~~~!

su fan

kim tae woo

cute sayuri

n jess~

the good days has gone but the memories are still remaning. looking forward to have a nice trip again. n i know is gonna coming realll soon. :)

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