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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now Everyone can fly!

Do you still remember what was ur ambition when u were s mall? when i was small, we always asked to write such essay. and the easiest way to write it would be doctor, teacher, astronaut and nurse and etc. well, for me , i can still can check back my annual report during my primary school , it was always written Architect and engineer. And u c what am i now! ya , i know i am still half way to be an architect. but stil i will work hard for it .

ok, again , out of topic. so those are what myself wanna be when i was a kid. and have u parents ever asked u what to be when u grow up? my parents are freaks. especially my dad! when i get my SPM result, he asked me to study law n become lawyer. He said, lawyer good, jz sign n do some documentation then u will get paid. too bad i am weak in memorising .UBBL already kill me half dead. and here comes the second option he gave me , which he is still talking bout it once in a month until now mind u !!! he always ask em to be police -.- well, is all bout money matter. he said, police can rasuah ma .u dont dare to take the money ask them to give me, i can help u on that. big swt. this is a very bad thing k , please do not practise this.

cant imagine that i am in that uniform. FML


and now here comes my mom ,. if u happen like to watch TVB drama, 冲上云霄。 it is a drama bout some pilots and stewardess of a airways. and that was the time my mom ask me to be an ! ok. frankly , this job is quite interesting. that is because i really like to travel so much and the pay is high too. but after all, i stil think is a higher class of waitress on the air. no offense, i do not hate or look down at them .they even earn more than i do . FML. but i did used to send in my resume for the application . and this is what happen.

click on the pic in case it is too small to read

i had been called for interview for 2 times. too bad!!! i missed both of it. Sometimes, i just think the god keep giving me the chance and ask me to try to find my path . and i missed it once and once again. ok la, i admit i do have a little bit regret now. if airasia or sing. airlines , o emirates ask me for interview , i crawl oso i will go!!!

what if i am really an stewardess of Airasia.....


ps: i only took 15 min to photoshop so i know is very geh la. but the meaning is there k . FML



  1. waaahaha. leesiawling the airasia photoshop picture very jue !!! i told u airasia very potential. now ppl going france ! gosh. is france !

  2. let me guess? r u chuan hui e?? wahaha.. ya ya ya.. next time la. let me diet 1st.