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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

ever think why there are fear and insecure in the innocent kids? they should be living happily without any sorrow at this age. but...........

CHILD ABUSED always bring them to the darkness of their life. why is a cute kid will be treated in that way? who on earth have the right to take away their smile? even an ant has the right to love n survive. Why would the heartless adult could do this to a little one?

i dunno is the human nowadays are brainless or heartless or what. but there thousands reason they did it. stress, emotion unstable, mental disorder (aka bian tai , wtf) and etc etc etc and have been most of the reasons why the stupid people do it. the most common thing is beat them up , stop feeding/giving them food, rape or doin something to hear their body like burn them, tie them up and a lot of thing which i cant really think (because i am normal wtf) .i believe they are some case being reported and the stupid adult were arrested. BUt still there are thousand of cases out there which are still happening right now. WHat can i say? there;s a chinese quote ' the god is looking when the human is doing' if u haven get caught yet , congratulations, case ur good days will ended very soon . wtf . i will curse u kao kao everyday here.

Although there are thousands act of child abuse , but there is one act that i really hope that it will never happen again. That is child sexual abuse.imagine a little gal that haven period and already lose her virginity, WTF. this is really rediculous. the wound in the heart will never heal jz like they will have be a virgin anymore. .

so plz, guys out there. we can do something on this . please support UNICEF

look at their eyes...

how innocent...

but now is already full with fears..

never let the blood cover up their smile on their face


they need our help to have their bright future.


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